Session 7 | March 9, 2009


  • 1:30pm Fill out Self/Class Midterm Evaluation Form: Thank you for your honest assessment of this class. It will help direct the rest of the term.
  • Wall Review of Art Show Posters: Designers agree to forward designs to Arleigh for decision by Wednesday.
  • Wall Review of Kal-Haven T-shirt Designs
  • 4:00pm – 2009 Kal-Haven Trail Run T-shirt design: Terry Huchins in Studio to receive T-shirt design presentation frpm Nick, Brandon A, Brandon B, Chris F, Chris B., Andy, 
  • 4:00pm – Police Academy Program Design: Lynn Berkey in Studio to receive Program Designs from Becky, Stephanie, Jesus and Wesley.
  • 4:00pm -Tim Degryse: Tim DeGryse in Studio to explain direction for program. They are still deciding between Brandon B., and Tim’s designs for the posters. They want to use Brandon A, Aaron’s, and Tim’s T shirt designs. He discussed with each modification needed on thier designs.


  • Police Academy: Lynn Berkey e-mailed saying she had been out sick no decision on design has been made as of yet.
  • Kal-Haven T-shirt designs: Terry Hutchins was not able to get with his co-director of the race. A decision is still forthcoming..
  • M-TEC Program: client Pat Wallace has directed changes to Becky and Thomas. Changes are being implemented.
  • Enrichment Campaign: client Lesa Strausbaugh has directed questions and request for quote to Thomas and me. A series of e-mails back and forth ha developed next steps in the process. Interest in going forward with Pass it on Card, some type of reversable magnet with  “I need enrichment/I enriched someone today” messaging, calendar (either print based or electronic, as well desktops/screensavers with inspirational message. Need to stratagize regarding development of all pieces of the campaign.
  • KVCC Student Art Show materials: client Arleigh Smyrnios made her decision among the 8 designs that were e-mailed to her. She has decided to go with a design from Thomas. She was impressed at the strength of the designs and now we need t strategice implementation of the design across all the elements.
  • CNM Graduate Show: and other almost identical program (poster, invites, program, etc.) that runs at the end of the term is the CNM Graduate Show in which almost all of you will be showing your work. Karen Matson is the faculty adviser and Thomas Mills is helping. Design Studio has always done the designs for this as well. Rather than have you all duplicate the poster project I asked both if they were okay with using a modification of Nick’s design, as ti captures the essence of the CNM in a compelling and symbolic way. Both agreed so Nick will be working with Karen and Thomas to modify his poster for that purpose.
  • Blues: There was an immediate need for a 1/4 page ad in B/B and Brandon B. was contacted to turn it around quickly based on his poster design. (Note: this does not to imply that Brandon’s Poster design will be used for the final festival design — it was decided that it would be the strongest at the smaller size 3.5 x 4.58″.) Brandon worked with Tim and me and went through 3 quick rounds of design/revision. Client feedback: “I thought it looked good! I am happy with it.” Thank you  Brandon.

NEXT CLASS | March 16, 2009

  • As the above reveals: you have been incredibly busy.
  • We need to regroup and get very clear on who will be doing what on each project. We will be having a lead designer on the larger/multiple piece projects with others acting as support and backup.
  • Terri Williams’ pre-press class may preflight and proof your work as well. (still not finalized)
  • We have 3 jobs yet to start. A series of tri-folds, a poster/postcard promotion for an event and a logo usage guideline document.
  • I am posting some small versions of the designs that have been worked on that have come across my e-mail this week to express my gratitude for the strong work you all have done. You can click on image to see a slightly larger version…


RSVP Needed| KVCC Student Art Show Promotional Materials

(NOTE: This is the same info that was e-mailed to each of you today)

There is a late breaking new project for the KVCC Student Art Show. This is a fine arts show coordinated by Arleigh Smyrnios. Arleigh has a class that meets at Texas Twp the same time we do so client contact face-to-face will be minimal, and most communication done via voice mail, e-mail and interoffice mail. Please note this is HOT as the deadlines are approaching FAST. The most urgent pieces are the Poster and Invitation. All pieces should have a cohesive identity. Below are the notes I received from Arleigh with specs, and information to be used on each piece. The look should be compelling and relate to Fine Art. We do not have specific images from the show so you will need to create images/symbols that relate to the disciplines (ceramics, photography, traditional and digital arts.) Note: the emphasis on Fine Art (Personal Expression) as opposed to Commercial Arts.

Because of the deadlines, current workload and spring break we will need to move quickly, and strategically on this project. This is a GREAT project due to the quick turn around, open ended design criteria (lots of room to show your creativity), and I would like to have lots of participation. PLEASE RSVP TO ME YOUR INTENTIONS TO WORK ON THIS PROJECT. If you are not able to please tell me specifically what projects you are actively working on and what you are doing on each.

List of Tasks and Datelines

The poster design idea/theme/style should be adapted to the awards and invitations.  That two or more people who can work in a tight time framework coordinate the labels, awards, and catalog. (We will get the roster information on a Monday evening or Tuesday morning and will have to have all ready by Wednesday afternoon (labels & awards) and Wed. evening (catalog).

Show Poster        11/17” full color            Target 3/16
Invitation for VIPs    Choice/See instructions            3/23
Show Labels        3 5/8 x 1 1/16” Card stock        4/8
Award Sheets        4 3/4 x 7 1/2”                    4/8
Catalog            8 1/12 x 11” Tri-fold            4/8

Show Poster

11 x 17″ (4/0 full color – Splash)

Text – Main Info:

KVCC Student Art Show
Sunday, April 8th through Tuesday April 16th, 2009
Commons Forum
Texas Township Campus

Subordinant Info:

Juror: (I’ll have this next week)

Opening Reception: Wednesday  6:30-8pm |7:00 pm Awards Ceremony Refreshments

For more information contact: 488-4505
Include KVCC Logo
Images: Choice–just keep in mind it’s a fine arts student show. Included will be drawing, painting, calligraphy, photography, ceramics and sculpture. The image used could be specific or abstract.


Note: design to coordinate with the poster. The invitations will be mailed to the invited parties, so they must be a size to fit in a standard envelope. The invitation could be a single card or a single fold card.

You are cordially invited to the Opening Reception
of the 2009 Student Art Show
April 8, 2009 6:30-8:00pm
Award Ceremony 7:00 pm
Refreshments will be served.


8 1/2 x 11 tri-fold, 2 sided
Required Copy Exterior Spread:

Cover Panel (3.7″wide):

KVCC Student Art Show
April 8-16, 2009
KVCC, Texas Township Gallery

Back left (tuck panel 3.6″ wide):

Juror: Name and Juror statement (to be supplied)

Required Copy Interior Spread | Should keep established show identity (panel width left to right 3.7″, 3.7″, 3.6″):

KVCC Student Art Show (Headline)
Left third content:

Award Winners

Right 2/3 content:


Where there is room: (small)
Faculty Coordinator: Arleigh Smyrnios
Funding: KVCC Office of Student Services
Many thanks to the students of the CNM Design Studio for their work on the print media  for this show.
(If room, list names of all designers. If not list the designer of the theme idea used)
A very special thanks to President Marilyn Schlack and the KVCC Board for their support of the arts at KVCC.

Show Label

3 5/8 by 1 1/16” (24 up on an 8 1/2 x 11”) on card stock. (The master list of names for the labels will not be available for entry until Monday evening or Tuesday morning. The award name and piece entries will be available as soon as the juror finishes judging.

Artist’s Name

Award Sheet

Size 7 1/2” x 4 3/4” | (will eventually be mounted on a black 5 1/2” x 8 1/2” sheet)

KVCC Student Art Show 2009
Congratulations on your
____Place  in __________(Category)(ex: First Place in Ceramics)

Session 6 | February 23, 2009


  • Blues Poster/T-shirt design: Formal presentations of Poster/T-shirts designs to Tim DeGryse by Aaron, Andy (2), Brandon B and Tim and stand-alone T-shirts from Brandon A, and dynk (Nick).
  • MTEC Program: Working session with Pat Wallace discussing process and design direction. Becky, Thomas, Chris B, Chris F, and Paul.
  • 2009 Kal-Haven Trail Run T-shirt design: Client Terry Hutchins describes event and design direction for T-shirts (Fun, memorable design needed)
  • Police Academy Program Design: Initial meeting with client Lynn Berkey design direction for Program


Deliverables for next class (March 9th):

  • Police Academy: representative examples of design direction for cover, text page and photo treatments. Becky, Jesus, Stephanie and Wes. The photos are in the PoliceAcademyPhotos folder within Client source flies folder (see below). Reminder of specs: Trim size 5.5 x 8.5\”, one PMS spot color throughout. Outside Front and back printed on cover stock – 1/0, Text pages 1/1. The cover will print on a different press and should be set up as a separate document. The text pages can be set up as a 12 page InDesign document. Use style sheets and master pages for consistency.
  • Class Files
  • Kal-Haven T-shirt designs: Please use the t-shirt template that is in the class folder, change the color of shirt to whatever you would recommend — we want the presentation to look as real as possible. Please print 11 x 17\” portrait, and leave the faint box with the light dotted stroke. So we do not need to squander resources we will look at having all the final designs printed on a coated card stock and trimmed out uniformly. This will save the cost, and waste involved with formal presentation boards. Please put your name text box flush right bottom of shirt. We will start with a wall review at 1:45pm March 9th. Any modifications before client presentations can be made after wall review. I will bring card stock to print the final designs before Terry Hutchins comes in at 4pm.
  • kalhaventemplate1


Think about and research giving presentations, read a book on design, or check out online tutorials to learn some skill you need to master. Check out these resources:

  • Watch this How-To Webinar on making PDFs
    This is a good explanation of PDF, how to create and use higher end features. I suggest you watch/listen (especially M-TEC group) you can scrub through the first 8 minutes — it is administrative webinar stuff. It is about 1 hour but the knowledge / background will be well with the time invested.

    NEXT CLASS | March 9th have a GREAT SPRING BREAK

    Session 5 | February 16, 2009


    • Blues Poster/T-shirt design: Decisions were made for 5 posters and 8+ T-shirts to go forward to Tim DeGryse next class. Poster and associated T-shirts fromAaron, Andy (2), Brandon B and Tim and stand-alone T-shirts from Brandon A, Chris and dynk (Nick). Reminder: please send me a PDF of your design before you mount them on boards. I’ll get comments back ASAP. Also just jot me 3 bullet points of the three most important things you wnt to make sure to tell Tim in your presentation.  Will decide which Blues designs will get presented to the client on the 23rd — so be prepared.
    • MTEC Program: good working session on process and format. I am impressed at how the group is keepong the process in mind and designing for client ease of use in the end. Good work. There are 2 meetings planned.
    • 2009 Kal-Haven Trail Run T-shirt design: reasearch, brainstorm, thumbnail etc.
    • Work Session: Production of business cards, refine Blues/prepn for presentation,  discussion/brainstorming on larger document preparation and process.


    • Work on the deliverables for whichever project you are working on (if applicable e-mail me PDF)

    NEXT CLASS | February 23

    • 2pm Tim DeGrysse: KVBA, Blues Festival Poster and T-shirts presentations
    • also: 2pm Pat Wallace: MTEC Client and Lesa Ward: M-TEC webmaster to discuss program development. Have sample design options to show her and have a iscussion as toprocess as you see it. Think about what you wil need from her (copy in what format, facitities info, etc.)
    • 3pm NEW CLIENT: Terry Hutchens, 2009 Kal-Haven Trail Run T-shirt design
    • 4pm NEW CLIENT: Lynn Berkey, Police Academy Graduation Program


    February 16

    • Design Studio will start adhering to the “Thomas Mill’s first-15-minute” policy… The class will start at 1:30pm. The first 15 minutes are yours to do with as you will. Settle in, talk, make/post printouts, etc. but at 1:45pm you should be ready to work.
    • 1:45pm Critical review of Blues Poster/T-shirt design and MTEC Program  (Printouts on board/table) We will decide which Blues designs will get presented to the client on the 23rd — so be prepared.
    • Work Session: Production of business cards, KVCC Mission /designs and mock-ups, finessing Blues in preparation for presentation boards, class discussion and brainstorming on larger document preparation and process.

    February 23

    • 2pm Tim DeGrysse, KVBA will be coming to see the designs that the Design Studio wants to put forward for the Poster and T-shirts.
    • 3pm NEW CLIENT: Terry Hutchens, 2009 Kal-Haven Trail Run T-shirt design
    • 4pm NEW CLIENT: Lynn Berkey, Police Academy Graduation Program

    Raising the Bar….

    Make sure all required elements (logos, hierarchy with emphasis on appropriate info, all copy , etc.)  are included on the Blues posters/T-shirt designs, and the M-Tech pieces are complete enough, that someone could easily envision the entire document. Thanks.

    Session 4 | February 09, 2009


    • 2pm – Client Visit | Pat Wallace: MTEC Client and Lesa Ward: M-TEC webmaster discussed project. Design Team strategized and developed a plan of action: Chris Brown., Becky Celeski, Chris Frank, PAul Isaacs and Thomas Wrench.
    • KVBA Second Sunday Series | Project completed by Thomas Wrench. E-mail fulfillment via MailChimp. The screen-grab below shows e-mail as received. Note the different areas of the e-mail linked back to the KVBA, 411 Club, and Individual Bands websites — as well as Mail Chimp.


    • Blues Festival Poster and T-shirt designs | Design Team: Brandon Andrina, Chris Brown, Brandon Butzirus, Timothy Debien, Stephanie King, Jesus Lule, Nicholas Postema, Wesley Uhl, Andrew Van Koevering, and Aaron White.
    • Design Studio logo and business card design |Design completed by Aaron White and Thomas Wrench.
    • KVCC Mission Statement promotion | Discussion regarding different possible avenues for program.


    • MTEC | Designers to develop individual looks for program (Becky to act as client contact for logo, content etc.) Have initial designs ready for review next week (please bring thumbnails too).
    • Design Studio logo and business card design |Next week proofing, printing and trimming by designers
    • KVCC Mission Statement promotion | Thomas Wrench to contact Lesa Strausbaugh regarding scope of program: will discuss feasibility and associated costs of the ideas that were generated: an “enrichment” awareness cards with tracking feature, door hangers, pins, magnets, plastic puzzler or stress ball, posters, table tents, calendar and digital ads daily reminders/affirmations around the theme of enrichment.
    • Blues Festival Poster and T-shirt designs | Design Team: Brandon Andrina, Chris Brown, Brandon Butzirus, Timothy Debien, Stephanie King, Jesus Lule, Nicholas Postema, Wesley Uhl, Andrew Van Koevering, and Aaron White. Deliverables for next week: Completed poster (make sure all required elements are included and a T-shirt design based off your poster idea. The Poster is four color,  the T-shirt needs to carry the same emotional message, but will be one color printed on different color shirts. Shirt front needs design and Kzoo Blues Fest and date (include year as people use as commemorative. Back should have listing of acts, website, may repeat Kzoo Blues Fest – and the look should relate to poster.


    AD Fair ’09: A Celebration of Advertising & Design | A week long series of social, educational and celebratory events open to the public that celebrate the world-class advertising and design created in West Michigan. All events are open to the public and held in Grand Rapids. Monday, February 23 – Thursday, February 26. while this is outside of class time and I cannot organize a fieldtrip I recommend you getting together to go to these events:

    • Creative Crawl |February 24, 2009 5-9pm
    • Addy Awards |February 26, 2009 5-9pm


    the link to the Copyright webinar was broken. Here is the corrected link: