Projects | Clients

Below is a listing of the clients and projects that Design Studio will be working on this term:

  1. Visual Biography
    Andrea Stork
    Design a one-page layout,  8.5″ x 11″ with your contact information (phone/e-mail) and sample of 4-6 pieces of your best work and a short narrative about who you are and where you want to go with your career.
  2. Design Studio Logo / Business Card
    the Design Studio Class
    to design logo that represents this terms Design Studio, and a business card that can be used by the students to identify themselves t the clients. Some Personalization will be required so the client knows whom they are working with and have contact information for the individual. Needs to be easily mocked-up/produced on the splash.
  3. KVBA
    Client: Tim DeGryse | (616) 648-9661 | |
    Second Sunday E-mail blast, Poster, Hand Bills, Program and T-shirt design for Kzoo Blues Fest
  4. KVCC “Enriching the Lives of our students” Initiative
    Lesa Strausbaugh | 269-353-1289 |
    Focused Action – employees will make a point of trying to enrich student lives; employee buy-in of the mission; Recognition of the mission and that it is the core of the College; a feeling of community. Employees lack of understanding and appreciation of how their work or roles support the mission. Employees don’t understand their impact. Apathy.  Not feeling valued or understanding their roles is critical – there are not unimportant jobs at the institution. to understand and embrace the over-arching mission of enriching lives and communities and to appreciate the importance  of their individual impact in achieving that mission.  We want employees to take positive action to enable students to reach their goals.
  5. MTEC Training Catalog
    Patricia L. Wallace | Sales & Marketing Manager | 269-353-1290 | |
    Objective: Produce a catalog which is pleasing to view on-line and can be printed on an “as needed” basis. Would like a pleasing cover and internal pages broken into standard categories whereby the M-TEC staff can input relevant data on each training offering. Audience should be able to clearly and easily find training opportunities for themselves or employees within this catalog.  Example:  If grant monies are available and a company is writing up a request for funds, they can see what trainings are available to them by M-TEC.
  6. 2009 Kal-Haven Trail Run T-shirt design
    Terry Hutchins | KVCC VP for Information Technologies | 269-358-8030 cell | |
    Objective: Design Front of T-shirt for the 2009 Kal-Haven Trail Run. Looking for a fun design to increase awareness of the run. Somethig that runners will wear after the run.
  7. Police Academy Program
    Lynn Berkey | (269) 488-4336 | | http://www.
    Objective: Design and produce press ready files for the 2009 Police Academy, Graduation Program.
  8. KVCC Art Show Poster, Invitations, Program and Tags
    Lynn Berkey | (269) 488-4505 |
    Objective: Design and produce materials for the 2009 KVCC Student  Art Show(Emphasis on Fine/Traditional Arts)
  9. CNM Graduale Show Materials
    Client: Karen Matson
    | (269) 373-7922 |
    Objective: Design and produce materials for the 2009 CNM Graduate Show Show(Emphasis on New Media/Digital Arts)
  10. College Night
    Client: Karen Visser | Portage District Libraty | (269) 488-4278 |
    Objective: Design and produce promotional items for College Night 2009. Poster, ads, postcards
  11. Habitat for Humanity
    Client: Ann Kilkuskie | Habitat for Humanity  | (269) 344-2443 ext. 206 |
    Objective: Design and produce a family look for a series of brochures
  12. PMB Logo Usage Guidelines
    Client: Brian Zipp | PR/Volunteer Coordinator |
    Objective: Design and produce logo usage guideline book for Public Media Neetwork, the local Cable News network. PMN recently went through a name change and and was formerly known as Community Access Center. A new logo was created last term in the design Studion and the need was identifiued as to create a document that could be distributed to the staff and volunteers that work with the logo to create a consistent Brand and give easy guidelines for them to follow.
  13. Portage District Library T-Shirt design/ logo design
    Client: Marsha Meyer | Portage District Library | (269) 329-4542 ext 710 |
    Objective: Design and produce logo/Tshirt design to align with summer Reading Event and Art Where You Are: Creativity is the theme
  14. Portage Parks Paddle Fest
    Client: Andrea Stork and Bery Pannkuk | Portage Park Board | (269) 321-1970
    Objective: Design and produce logo for possible use on Tshirts and promotional materials to align with Portage Parks Paddle Fest. The Paddle Fest will be held July 25th, 2009 at Ramona Park. It is not necessary to have that information but it may prove helpful and you can include it in the design if you like. The design should be one to 2 colors. Feel/Look should be fun, active. Kayaks are the type of boats they are hoping to attract, thought they will not turn away canoes (visuals should focus on Kayaks.) There will be races and demonstrations as well as information available from various boating clubs and organizations. The Design should have the words “Portage Park Paddle Fest” with emphasis on “Paddle Fest”, not Portage Parks. This Is the first ever, so you could also play off of that in the concept as well if you like.
  15. ACC Desktop Background Competition
    Grant A. Chandler | Dean of Instruction | Arcadia Commons Campus |
    Objective: To design a computer desktop (background) image  for The Arcadia Commons Campus. (A great way to leave a legacy for those who are graduating! Deadline for submission: Submit electronically by 5:00 p.m. on May 4, 2009 to The design should incorporate the urban, technological, forward thinking direction of the Arcadia Commons Campus. The design should be crisp, clean, and imaginative. Avoid literal imagery. Incorporate the concept of “cool school”. All artwork must be original.
  16. GRD210 Finale Booklet
    Design Studio
    Design a one-page layout,  8.5″ x 11″ based upon the supplied InDesign Grid with your contact information (name/phone/e-mail) and sample of 4-6 pieces of your best work from this class and a short narrative what you have learned, experienced in this class. This will be compiled, printed and bound the last class and copies given to Grant Chandler, Thomas Mills, Karen Matson, and Linda Rzouska as a token of Gratitude for their contribution to your education at CNM and a PDF version will be available for all Design Studio class members. FYI this peice may also become a marketing tool in getting future clients for Design Studio

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