New Client | MTEC Brochure

2:00pm next Monday, February 9, 2009 | Pat Wallace will be coming in and has an immediate need for a brochure of course offering for MTEC. If you go to and scroll toward the bottom of the page the top cell of the table has a downloadable PDF of their current course offerings. What they are looking for is a file that they can easily update, and change, and would like to include course descriptions as well. They have InDesign, MS Word, Publisher. The look should relate to the Website.

These are the notes she sent me regarding the project:

On-Line Catalog Requirements

  • Easily recognizable on the M-TEC website – unique and stands out.
  • A place where potential customers can view the entire array of M-TEC training opportunities, broken down by category (i.e., Business & Professional Development, Business Software, Manufacturing & Technical, Languages, etc.) with a separate area on each course offering page for:
    • Descriptive Title
    • Dates, Times and Offering Price
    • Program Description
    • Instructor name and bio (may not always be used)
  • Catalog must be editable by an M-TEC staff member.  Can use In-Design if the process to edit is easily accomplished with training by your creative staff (procedures written for us to follow, etc.)  because pages may be deleted but more often new offerings will be added so a template page should be easily inserted by us to fill in data in appropriate areas.
  • Courses are constantly in a state of “flux”.  Many offerings are routinely offered throughout the year with just minor changes to dates and times, but often new (customer-requested) offerings are added to our training line-up to meet customized training or for grant dollar opportunities.
  • An area toward the back of the catalog to feature Facility and Event Management – place for general information to inform a reader that our facility can meet other needs aside from training.  The facility rental is extremely popular because we have a wide variety of space and excellent and reliable caterers at reasonable prices.
  • Another place in the catalog to allow a write up on Facility policies such as inclement weather closure, map and driving directions and facility guidelines.  This area would be more permanent but some changes could occur.  This would not be as descriptive as M-TEC’s website, but just allow for the most important facts in case the customer prints off the catalog to hand off to a colleague.
  • Another one-page area to list M-TEC staff members with names, titles and contact information for easy reference.
  • Catalog must be downloadable and printable if desired.  Color schemes should compliment either color or pleasing as a black and white.


Copyright is  an important issue. I came across this recorded webinar and thought it very thorough and worth your while. I suggest you ALL listen / watch it. Good know and protect your rights, The lawyer is a graphic designer and the example relevant (you need to click on the slide tab to see the examples:

Steps of the Developmental Process

Just as a reminder…

  1. brainstorming
  2. research
  3. reference images
  4. design decisions
  5. thumbnails
  6. roughs,
  7. final piece