Session 12 | April 13, 2009


  • 1:30pm class begins
  • 1:45pm Wall Reviews/Status meeting:
    • COLLEGE NIGHT 2009: completed posters for wall review
    • BLUES FEST: handbill, program spreads (new assignment Ad)
    • PMN Logo Usage Guidelines: style review status
    • ENRICHMENT CAMPAIGN: comps  and printer’s quotes
    • M-TECH: troubleshooting and preparing cookbooks status
    • POLICE: program status
    • Art Where You Are t-shirt designs
  • 2:00pm Karen Phelps | discussed future paid internships that may be available through a partnership with the Kalamazoo Foundation
  • CANCELED: 3:30pm Karen Visser / Matt Dennis: College Night Posters (will come in next week) Karen wrote an appologeti e-mail explaining that she was why she was unable t cole in, and regrets that she wil not be able to come in next week but Is sending Matt Dennis and another person to get Pitched to @ 3:30pm.
  • 4:00pm Lynn Berkey: Police Academy Graduation Program (Becky)
  • 5:05pm class ends


  • HABITAT for Humanity: Need to see ideas before class (e-mail me!)
  • COLLEGE NIGHT: Aaron, Jesus, Tim, Chris F., Stephanie (done), Wesley and Andy (done) – Have posters okayed for mounting (e-mail me by Sunday) Print and mount final designs for formal presentation  to Michael and Matt Dennis will be at 3:30pm, April 13th. Board size: 21-3/4″ x 15-3/4″ Black Foamcore (this Is for consistency) Mount your Business card lower Rt corner back and have a few trimmed out to give to each client.
  • PMN LOGO GUIDELINES: Chris and Brandon would like to see final — please e-mail me final documents
  • BLUES PROGRAM: HOT!!! BRANDON B – need to have AD finished ASAP. 2 page Layout ideas for program needed for Monday: (Brandon B., Aaron, Tim, BEcky). Please send me your thoughts.
  • ENRICHMENT: comps review (Thomas) … Also, looking for a VOLUNTEER to do some research, e-mail me if you can do it…
  • M-TECH: next steps: troubleshooting and preparing cookbooks (please e-mail training details)
  • GRADUATE SHOW POSTERS: need status report Nick/Andy?
  • POLICE: Becky, can you send me a InDesign file of the current state of the program.
  • ART WHERE YOU ARE/CREATIVITY/SUMMER READING: designs for T-shirt (Would like to see where you are BEFORE class) please e-mail me designs in advance of class
  • PORTAGE PARK PADDLE FEST (see notes from planning meeting onProject/Client page #14) please e-mail me designs in advance of class

NEXT CLASS | Monday, April 20th

  • 2:00pm Pat Wallace and Lesa Ward, M-TECH
  • 3:30pm Matthew Dennis and Michael McCall: College Night Posters formal presentations (Aaron, Jesus, Tim, Chris F., Stephanie, Wesley and Andy)
  • 4:00pm Lynn Berkey: Police Academy Graduation Program (Becky)
  • 4:30pm Ann Kilkuskie: Habitat for Humanity (Becky, Thomas + ?? I just realized the time conflict and will get with Ann K to see if she can come earier or later– stay tuned.)
  • As yet unconfirmed: Marsha Meyer, Portage Public Library and Brian Zipp PMN Logo Usage
  • Volunteer Needed to find images of:
    1. Dr. Joyce Brothers
    2. Gail McMeekin
    3. Phil Cousineau
    4. Marcia Wieder
    5. Albert Schweitzer
    6. Gandhi
    7. Benjamin Franklin
    8. Abraham Lincoln
    9. General George Patton
    10. Vince Lombardi
    11. Helen Keller
    12. Booker T. Washington
    13. Albert Schweitzer
    14. Margaret Cousins

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