Session 11 | April 6, 2009


  • 1:30pm class begins
  • 1:45pm Wall Reviews/Status meeting:
    • COLLEGE NIGHT 2009: completed posters for wall review
    • BLUES FEST: handbill, program spreads (new assignment Ad)
    • PMN Logo Usage Guidelines: style review status
    • ENRICHMENT CAMPAIGN: comps  and printer’s quotes
    • M-TECH: troubleshooting and preparing cookbooks status
    • KVCC ART SHOW: plan for production
    • POLICE: program status
    • Art Where You Are t-shirt designs
  • CANCELED: 3:30pm Karen Visser / Matt Dennis: College Night Posters (will come in next week)
  • 4:00pm Lynn Berkey: Police Academy Graduation Program (Becky)
  • 5:05pm class ends


  • HABITAT for Humanity: Need to see ideas before class (e-mail me!)
  • COLLEGE NIGHT: Aaron, Jesus, Tim, Chris F., Stephanie (done), Wesley and Andy – Have posters okayed for mounting (e-mail me by Sunday) Print and mount final designs for formal presentation  to Karen Visser and Matt Dennis will be at 3:30pm, April 13th. Board size: 21-3/4″ x 15-3/4″ (this Is for consistency Black Foamcore) Mount your Business card lower Rt corner back and have a few trimmed out to give to each client.
  • PMN LOGO GUIDELINES: would like to see where you will be taking it Chris and Brandon. (Please be prepared to show class presentation inthe beginning of class. (using projector) Send a pre-view copy to me this week (by Sunday)
  • BLUES PROGRAM: HOT!!! ADS? Handbill? (Brandon B.) Layout ideas for program needed. Please send me your thoughts (Brandon B., Aaron, Tim)
  • ENRICHMENT: comps for DS review and hopefully printer’s quotes can be shared with DS. (Thomas / Paul)
  • M-TECH: next steps: troubleshooting and preparing cookbooks
  • GRADUATE SHOW POSTERS: need status report Nick/Andy?
  • POLICE: Becky, can you send me a InDesign file of the current state of the program.
  • KVCC ART SHOW: DONE! (ah, the thrill of completion and closure!)
  • ART WHERE YOU ARE/CREATIVITY/SUMMER READING: designs for T-shirt (Would like to see where you are BEFORE class).

NEXT CLASS | Monday, April 13

  • 3:30pm Karen Visser / Matt Dennis: College Night Posters formal presentations

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