Session 9 | March 23, 2009


For those of you that took the time to earn the extra credit I hope you found the exercises interesting. All have something to do with Perception that relates to design and I hope to have time to discuss in class.


  • 1:30pm class begins
  • 1:45pm Individual Reviews: College Night 2009 Poster / Postcard promotion
  • 2:00pm Brian Zipp: Logo Usage Guidelines
  • 4:00pm Lynn Berkey: Police Academy Graduation Program (Becky)
  • 5:05pm class ends


The information below was e-mailed to you all with attachments of the WMU logo (FPO), Habitat logos, Blues program files. If you did not receive please e-mail me or check with a class member to get the attachments.

ALL: There is still much to do this term — and there is a lot to keep track of. Please give these jobs as much attention as you can. Again, I am here to help via e-mail (FYI during the weekend I check e-mail less often, but will reply to you ASAP) Below is current status/next steps/deliverables:

  • HABITAT: logos attached, brand Builders handbook is in class folder or can be obtained online see below.
  • COLLEGE NIGHT: Have posters ready for Design Studio (DS) wall review for Monday. I would be happy to do a pre-review by e-mail and would welcome the opportunity to give you feedback before the wall review. Karen Visser and Matt Dennis will be In later in the class to have you present your ideas to them. Attached Is a GIF of the WMU logo am trying  to get a vector image but you can use this as a placeholder for now.
  • PMN LOGO GUIDELINES: would like to see where you will be taking it Chris and Brandon.
  • BLUES PROGRAM: attached is a PDF that you can use to grab text from to start designing. Would like to see a sample spread of 2 pages of bio. I am attaching a copy based off of last years. Note please look and see where the paragraph, character and object styles are used. We will discuss how to use them next week in class.  Brandon B., Aaron and Tim: please take these 2 pages and redesign/restyle them to work with Brandon B’s poster design. Guitar T-shirt needs some layout attention. I’d like to see a copy of all the Chosen T-shirts as a PDF before Monday. Tim: regarding commemorative poster. need to put KVBA logo on, venue, dates, acts, website URL (act copy should be finalized soon) You may omit other sponsor logos, visa master card, all the admission stuff… kids/backpack check etc.
  • ENRICHMENT: comps for DS review and hopefully printer’s quotes can be shared with DS.
  • M-TECH: next steps: troubleshooting and preparing cookbooks
  • GRAD NIGHT POSTERS: need status report Nick/Andy?
  • KVCC ART SHOW: Posters/invites done. Next steps: Prototype for Awards and tags? Thomas do you want some one else to do these?
  • POLICE: Becky, can you send me a PDF of the current state of the program. Thank you. Also, if you have not done so preflighting It now would be a good idea. (I know it is not complete and photos are still coming…)

NEXT CLASS | March 30, 2009


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