Session 7 | March 9, 2009


  • 1:30pm Fill out Self/Class Midterm Evaluation Form: Thank you for your honest assessment of this class. It will help direct the rest of the term.
  • Wall Review of Art Show Posters: Designers agree to forward designs to Arleigh for decision by Wednesday.
  • Wall Review of Kal-Haven T-shirt Designs
  • 4:00pm – 2009 Kal-Haven Trail Run T-shirt design: Terry Huchins in Studio to receive T-shirt design presentation frpm Nick, Brandon A, Brandon B, Chris F, Chris B., Andy, 
  • 4:00pm – Police Academy Program Design: Lynn Berkey in Studio to receive Program Designs from Becky, Stephanie, Jesus and Wesley.
  • 4:00pm -Tim Degryse: Tim DeGryse in Studio to explain direction for program. They are still deciding between Brandon B., and Tim’s designs for the posters. They want to use Brandon A, Aaron’s, and Tim’s T shirt designs. He discussed with each modification needed on thier designs.


  • Police Academy: Lynn Berkey e-mailed saying she had been out sick no decision on design has been made as of yet.
  • Kal-Haven T-shirt designs: Terry Hutchins was not able to get with his co-director of the race. A decision is still forthcoming..
  • M-TEC Program: client Pat Wallace has directed changes to Becky and Thomas. Changes are being implemented.
  • Enrichment Campaign: client Lesa Strausbaugh has directed questions and request for quote to Thomas and me. A series of e-mails back and forth ha developed next steps in the process. Interest in going forward with Pass it on Card, some type of reversable magnet with  “I need enrichment/I enriched someone today” messaging, calendar (either print based or electronic, as well desktops/screensavers with inspirational message. Need to stratagize regarding development of all pieces of the campaign.
  • KVCC Student Art Show materials: client Arleigh Smyrnios made her decision among the 8 designs that were e-mailed to her. She has decided to go with a design from Thomas. She was impressed at the strength of the designs and now we need t strategice implementation of the design across all the elements.
  • CNM Graduate Show: and other almost identical program (poster, invites, program, etc.) that runs at the end of the term is the CNM Graduate Show in which almost all of you will be showing your work. Karen Matson is the faculty adviser and Thomas Mills is helping. Design Studio has always done the designs for this as well. Rather than have you all duplicate the poster project I asked both if they were okay with using a modification of Nick’s design, as ti captures the essence of the CNM in a compelling and symbolic way. Both agreed so Nick will be working with Karen and Thomas to modify his poster for that purpose.
  • Blues: There was an immediate need for a 1/4 page ad in B/B and Brandon B. was contacted to turn it around quickly based on his poster design. (Note: this does not to imply that Brandon’s Poster design will be used for the final festival design — it was decided that it would be the strongest at the smaller size 3.5 x 4.58″.) Brandon worked with Tim and me and went through 3 quick rounds of design/revision. Client feedback: “I thought it looked good! I am happy with it.” Thank you  Brandon.

NEXT CLASS | March 16, 2009

  • As the above reveals: you have been incredibly busy.
  • We need to regroup and get very clear on who will be doing what on each project. We will be having a lead designer on the larger/multiple piece projects with others acting as support and backup.
  • Terri Williams’ pre-press class may preflight and proof your work as well. (still not finalized)
  • We have 3 jobs yet to start. A series of tri-folds, a poster/postcard promotion for an event and a logo usage guideline document.
  • I am posting some small versions of the designs that have been worked on that have come across my e-mail this week to express my gratitude for the strong work you all have done. You can click on image to see a slightly larger version…


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