Session 6 | February 23, 2009


  • Blues Poster/T-shirt design: Formal presentations of Poster/T-shirts designs to Tim DeGryse by Aaron, Andy (2), Brandon B and Tim and stand-alone T-shirts from Brandon A, and dynk (Nick).
  • MTEC Program: Working session with Pat Wallace discussing process and design direction. Becky, Thomas, Chris B, Chris F, and Paul.
  • 2009 Kal-Haven Trail Run T-shirt design: Client Terry Hutchins describes event and design direction for T-shirts (Fun, memorable design needed)
  • Police Academy Program Design: Initial meeting with client Lynn Berkey design direction for Program


Deliverables for next class (March 9th):

  • Police Academy: representative examples of design direction for cover, text page and photo treatments. Becky, Jesus, Stephanie and Wes. The photos are in the PoliceAcademyPhotos folder within Client source flies folder (see below). Reminder of specs: Trim size 5.5 x 8.5\”, one PMS spot color throughout. Outside Front and back printed on cover stock – 1/0, Text pages 1/1. The cover will print on a different press and should be set up as a separate document. The text pages can be set up as a 12 page InDesign document. Use style sheets and master pages for consistency.
  • Class Files
  • Kal-Haven T-shirt designs: Please use the t-shirt template that is in the class folder, change the color of shirt to whatever you would recommend — we want the presentation to look as real as possible. Please print 11 x 17\” portrait, and leave the faint box with the light dotted stroke. So we do not need to squander resources we will look at having all the final designs printed on a coated card stock and trimmed out uniformly. This will save the cost, and waste involved with formal presentation boards. Please put your name text box flush right bottom of shirt. We will start with a wall review at 1:45pm March 9th. Any modifications before client presentations can be made after wall review. I will bring card stock to print the final designs before Terry Hutchins comes in at 4pm.
  • kalhaventemplate1


Think about and research giving presentations, read a book on design, or check out online tutorials to learn some skill you need to master. Check out these resources:

  • Watch this How-To Webinar on making PDFs
    This is a good explanation of PDF, how to create and use higher end features. I suggest you watch/listen (especially M-TEC group) you can scrub through the first 8 minutes — it is administrative webinar stuff. It is about 1 hour but the knowledge / background will be well with the time invested.

    NEXT CLASS | March 9th have a GREAT SPRING BREAK


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