Session 5 | February 16, 2009


  • Blues Poster/T-shirt design: Decisions were made for 5 posters and 8+ T-shirts to go forward to Tim DeGryse next class. Poster and associated T-shirts fromAaron, Andy (2), Brandon B and Tim and stand-alone T-shirts from Brandon A, Chris and dynk (Nick). Reminder: please send me a PDF of your design before you mount them on boards. I’ll get comments back ASAP. Also just jot me 3 bullet points of the three most important things you wnt to make sure to tell Tim in your presentation.  Will decide which Blues designs will get presented to the client on the 23rd — so be prepared.
  • MTEC Program: good working session on process and format. I am impressed at how the group is keepong the process in mind and designing for client ease of use in the end. Good work. There are 2 meetings planned.
  • 2009 Kal-Haven Trail Run T-shirt design: reasearch, brainstorm, thumbnail etc.
  • Work Session: Production of business cards, refine Blues/prepn for presentation,  discussion/brainstorming on larger document preparation and process.


  • Work on the deliverables for whichever project you are working on (if applicable e-mail me PDF)

NEXT CLASS | February 23

  • 2pm Tim DeGrysse: KVBA, Blues Festival Poster and T-shirts presentations
  • also: 2pm Pat Wallace: MTEC Client and Lesa Ward: M-TEC webmaster to discuss program development. Have sample design options to show her and have a iscussion as toprocess as you see it. Think about what you wil need from her (copy in what format, facitities info, etc.)
  • 3pm NEW CLIENT: Terry Hutchens, 2009 Kal-Haven Trail Run T-shirt design
  • 4pm NEW CLIENT: Lynn Berkey, Police Academy Graduation Program


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