February 16

  • Design Studio will start adhering to the “Thomas Mill’s first-15-minute” policy… The class will start at 1:30pm. The first 15 minutes are yours to do with as you will. Settle in, talk, make/post printouts, etc. but at 1:45pm you should be ready to work.
  • 1:45pm Critical review of Blues Poster/T-shirt design and MTEC Program  (Printouts on board/table) We will decide which Blues designs will get presented to the client on the 23rd — so be prepared.
  • Work Session: Production of business cards, KVCC Mission /designs and mock-ups, finessing Blues in preparation for presentation boards, class discussion and brainstorming on larger document preparation and process.

February 23

  • 2pm Tim DeGrysse, KVBA will be coming to see the designs that the Design Studio wants to put forward for the Poster and T-shirts.
  • 3pm NEW CLIENT: Terry Hutchens, 2009 Kal-Haven Trail Run T-shirt design
  • 4pm NEW CLIENT: Lynn Berkey, Police Academy Graduation Program

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