Session 2 | January 26, 2009


  • Design Studio logo and business card design | Class Wall Review/Critique/Discussion of “Design Studio” designs. Impressive level of design and good points of discussion. It is really important to have good lively/healthy discussions about what you are doing, and to be able to get and give feedback. The Design Studio business card is an as-of-yet-unresolved design problem. Let’s readdress this at the beginning of next class, and make some decisions and move forward. If you would like to make any refinements to your design based upon feedback received please do so. Note: I did snatch all the printouts that were left on the board and will bring them next week.
  • 3:00pm  Client visit: Lesa Strausbaugh KVCC Mission Statement promotion
  • 4:00pm Client visit: Tim DeGryse, KVBA, and Ed Ramage, River Run Press.


Visual Biographies | Please put a PDF of your visual biography page in the Visual Biography folder in the class folder on the server before class next Monday. We will have a quick review of the pieces. In it the two things to discuss are: why the pieces you put in are significant and discuss your overall design of the page (why it works). Discuss the designs in terms of both Concept/Ideas and Execution/Quality. The PDF should be made using the Adobe PDF presets “Quality Print” and name it using this convention (firstlast-vb.pdf eg: AndreaStork-vb.pdf.)

KVCC Mission Statement | Do some basic brainstorming, research, thumbnailing, and initial concepting for the piece(s) that Lesa Strausbaugh described in class. The idea it to impress upon KVCC employees internally the importance of the Enrichment aspect within the KVCC Mission statement. Note: the entire mission statement can be found online or it Is also posted on the wall of the CNM near the back parking lot doors.

KVBA Blues Association | Listening  to client Tim Degryse, Kalamazoo Valley Blues Association, you heard that they have a real need to make this year’s Kalamazoo Blues Festival profitable. This is really a GREAT opportunity for you to see how “good design” can impact the bottom line. This project has the potential to be an important  portfolio piece from an impact point-of-view, and a strong example of how  marketing/promotion can help an organizations/companies bottom line. In this economy this is really a key. They have the need for a few different pieces and for them to do specific things:

  • A New Logo: KVBA could use a new logo to brand themselves. As discussed the existing logo does not reproduce well across all media. There may be a preference for creating a persona or mascot in the logo such as the old Wonderfuls or West MI Blues Association logos. They are open to ideas, so this is a great place to work some Design Magic.
  • Second Sunday Series Fundraiser | A e-mailable design to promote the Second Sunday Series (see below: that Is what is currently being e-mailed). This one is the Hottest of all the KVBA Pieces. It will give you a chance to research the music/genre/audience and pitch to Tim on a small scale and see where it goes. Consider having hot links to KVBA, Facebook, the individual bands sites, etc. Remember this is a fundraiser, the idea is to get people in the doors — what would it take to get YOU there?
  • Kalamazoo Blues Festival | Designs will be needed for Posters (11×17 – CMYK), handbills (to be given out in advance of event and act as a promotion/save the date reminder, 1-2 colors), Program (48 page – 1 PMS color); 2 t-shirt designs. One PMS color on different color shirts.

Tim eluded to the “Spec sheets” Next week I wlll post them in the class folder. I don’t want to to get too tied up in details — YET. I want you to be All about the emotion and establishing a feel, concept, idea for the work first.

Deliverables: For next week be ready for a lively discussion about these projects. Do the background work, research, go to music sites, delve into the psyches of the audience…Bring in your findings and be ready to share your thoughts, finds, thumbnails, roughs, looks, samples,  etc. It Is important that you DO NOT rely on others to do this work for you — you need to do it for yourselves to fully understand the projects.

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