Client Visit set for Jan. 26 at 4pm.

Just a heads-up that at the next class meeting (January 26th at 4pm) we will have the first client visit. His name Tim DeGryse representing the  Kalamazoo Valley Blues Association | |

This is one of my favorite Design Studio projects for ALL of you to work on because it is fun, creative, there are multiple pieces, it’s for a good cause and high-profile. Tim has an immediate need for promotional materials to promote the “2nd Sunday Series” which is a fundraiser for the KVBA; and as we discussed in class they need to raise the working capital to produce the Kalamazoo Blues Festival this July. The 2nd Sunday series is separate from the Blues Festival, so the pieces do not need to relate visually.

Below is the JPG they are currently sending around via e-mail. What I would like you all to think about is: what is the fastest and most effective way for them to get their message out? It might be an e-vite with links to the acts, venue, KVBA site; or a postcard; posting; handbill; etc. Consider yourselves as the target audience: what would it take to get your attention and to want to go to one of these concerts? No need to have a design, just think about possibilities and be prepared to discuss, ask questions and take notes when Tim comes in.



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