Session 1 | Design Studio Winter ’09

Welcome. This WordPress Blog will be used to keep us all on the same page regarding: client information, expectations,  in-class happenings, homework and deadlines for deliverables. It Is your responsibility to check the blog — I suggest you all subscribe to the blog RSS feed to be automatically notified each time there is a new post. The lab techs may be able to help you in this regard should you run into technical difficulties.


  • Fill out class Student Information form
  • Review of Syllabus (Note: there content of the Syllabus is located on this blog under the Syllabus page tab)
  • Overview of GRD210 Design Studio: class structure, course objectives, expectations, supplies, thumbnails, creative process, and grading
  • Introductions
  • Review of Design Studio Creative Brief (need to get approval/changes)
  • Discussion of Design Studio team dynamics and the need for business cards. how do you want to be seen by clients? T should it have individual contact names, two sided with individuals on back?
  • First assignment: Thumbnail design and brainstorming of GRD210 Design Studio logo and Business Card


  • Design a Visual Biography on an 8.5 x 11 paper. Make 1 printouts and bring to class for critique along with a PDF for viewing on screen. In the visual biography be sure to include your name, phone and preffered e-mail, a sample of your best work from other classes (4-6 pieces), and a short paragraph with a biography of you. Make sure you actually design this page, as you would a magazine page. Pay attention to design basics and make sure it is a positive reflection of what you can do. After in-class discussion (session 2) you will have a chance to refine the design before turning it in at the end of class. Attached are a few samples of past student work.
  • Design of a Design Studio logo and business card based on the inc-lass discussion, brainstorming and thumbnails. Things to consider: Ones sided or two? Dimensions; standard business card 3.5 x 8″ or other? Flat or fold? You will be manufacturing (approve/proof/print/trim) these in the next class. Each student will need to have 15. How does each designer personalize the card? Remember the idea of the card is give contact information and position the organization as memorable. Design Studio Identity package deliverables (printouts should be made before class and ready for a wall review)
    • Design Studio Logo: Print one logo on a 8.5 x 11″ Landscape format page (make logo as large as possible but leave at least a 1″ margin on each side)
    • Design Studio Business Card: Print and trim out one copy actual size. Print design as large as possible on 8.5 x 11″  format page leaving at least a 1″ margin on each edge)

Below are the correct dates of class sessions
(note: the handout was incomplete):

  • 01    01/12/09
  • 02    01/26/09
  • 03    02/02/09
  • 04    02/09/09
  • 05    02/16/09
  • 06    02/23/09
  • 07     03/09/09
  • 08    03/16/09
  • 09    03/23/09
  • 10    03/30/09
  • 11    04/06/09
  • 12    04/13/09
  • 13    04/20/09
  • 14    04/27/09
  • 15    05/04/09


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